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PostSubject: Don't mind this   Don't mind this I_icon_minitimeTue 27 Jul 2010, 7:05 am

Okay so Sonic and everyone else moved to new york and Accidenty stumbled apon olympus.After Sonic had a conversation with Zues he almost got his ass blasted.After Zeus had ANOTHER conversation with Athena He let them go free on the condition that "you will serve me and go on any quest that I assign" they're first mission was to steal a golden apple...they fought the ladon[while almost getting eatin] and the Hesperides weren't much ...threat?...what can they do????Anyway they got an apple and were allowed access to an alternate universe with new animals new contries ect,and new people came and joined now they go on missions on different teams

Some new things

Angels:skin must be white,Girls only

Demons:skin must be purple,girls only

Valkyries:similar to angeles..usually use spears,girls only

Devils:similar to demons only with red skin,girls only

Mystiks:Shape shifters

To be clear I am a dude

Char skelly



Appearence:[need to be pic you can use for girls and for boys

God parent[optional,go to for a list of,titans are avalible

Species:[go nuts}

now mine

Name:Sora Motokomo Fujioka Hashirama


Appearance:C:\Documents and Settings\Elliott Kelly\My Documents\My Pictures\Sora.bmp

God Parent:Gaia AKA Mother Earth


Some rules

Just because I love to see or hear about other boys reactions I will allow Ecchi

Swearing is allowed but no droppin f bombs
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Don't mind this
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