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 Kaibara's Characters

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Name: Brittany (Bree) Kaibara Hashirama
Age/birthday: 14 (Feb 19)
Gender: Female
God parent: Gaia Mother Earth
Magic: Varies but she prefers Fira
Physical appearance: [-]
Personality: Brittany (most of the time I will use Kaibara) is somewhat quiet around others. When she gets to know them more, though, she is more social. Sarcastic and Humorous, if you get her angry you'd better expect a lot of violence and sarcasm.
Pets: Cocoa; An over-sized black wolf with entrancing ice-blue eyes. Void; Heartless.
Weapons: Varies from time-to-time but she's usually seen with a scythe.
Talents: Strategizing, Sword play, Art-Magic, Researching/Reasourcefulness.
Other: She has a definate fetish of miniatures. (._. it's true) Sometimes her attention span can be about as long as the list of real things that rhyme with orange. (also true)
Home World: Hiroshima Kingdom World

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Kaibara's Characters
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