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 Café Étrange

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PostSubject: Café Étrange   Café Étrange I_icon_minitimeThu 03 Jun 2010, 8:38 am

While aimlessly wandering the streets of your town (wherever it may be) you stumble upon a small building.
More cozy than small, it stood alone made up of red bricks with a flat roof.
Over the two glass doors was a sign. 'Café Étrange' is what it said in neat, large cursive letters.
Through the windows you could see only a few people sitting at small tables, chatting with smiles on their faces.
Some crazy idea draws you to the small café; Be it curiosity or the slight hunger you didn't know, but the warm smell that washed over you when the door was opened quickly settled that arguement.
"Hiya!" A familiar voice calls from behind the nicely cleaned counter.
You recognize her as Kaibara, a most unlikely choice to be behind the counter.
Her dark hair is tied into a messy ponytail and her clothes are slightly hidden by a white apron. "You here for lunch or something?"
You get the impression that she didn't expect you either. But why...?

So you've stumbled across Café Étrange, huh?

It's a strange, but welcoming little place with friendly strangers and stranger friends.
Every so often a few fortune tellers stop by or even a Sultan or two (we're not kidding...). Just see what kind of weird visitors you can meet!
The place is run by Reia, a tall and slightly dark gentlemen with emerald eyes and bleach blonde hair. Of course, not many know this, as it is rare to see him away from his kitchen.
The cafe itself has wood floors, mocha-colored walls, a rug and painting here or there by local artists.
Each of the tables are hand crafted by Reia's father, having stained glass tops, and the chairs bought from antique stores around the world. Dark colored candles are sitting on each of the tables. There are a few booths by the window with mocha and green cushions.
A small stage sits in the far right corner of the cafe with an old piano, a drumset, a few guitars (be they acoustic or electric) and three microphones.
The front counter itself is of dark wood with a black marble top. It stands in front of a large menu and double doors that lead to the kitchen, and through a window in the bottom there is a display of sweets. The countertop is always shiny and clean, decorated with many spices, small knick-knacks, and little hand-woven baskets with candies in them.
If you step behind the double doors labeled 'bathrooms this way' in the far left corner of the cafe, not only will you find the bathrooms nice and tidy, but there is also a stair case.
And if you are brave enough to climb those stairs, you'll find a small loft with light colored walls and carpet, a bean bag or two, a large television hooked up to a wii, and three large and over stuffed bookcases.
Got a good idea of the place now?
Well go have fun! Take a look at the menu! Order something! Let the Drama (ahem, we mean story) unfold! And maybe you'll even uncover some of the mysterious secrets of Café Étrange and it's strange guests.
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Café Étrange
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