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 jake's shop

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PostSubject: jake's shop   jake's shop I_icon_minitimeFri 04 Jun 2010, 9:24 am

in the streets of twilight town you see a two story building with a shop at the bottom with a sign that says jake's shop
you could see shelves filled with random items and weapons jake made or enhanced
stairs leading to jake's room enter if you dare
a rectangular glass container in the middle of the shop containing some weapons jake found that is powerful
the floors and walls are painted white
and a counter at the end with a door behind it and again enter if you dare
as you enter you hear a familiar voice
"hey welcome to my shop"
it's jake behind the counter counting the munny after selling some stuff
"listen i have a problem i didn't tell anyone..."
will you help jake with his problem or just leave the shop
he'll sell you his items in half price of you do XD (lol i was kidding)
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jake's shop
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